February 17th, 2017

Railroad through Dzerzhinsk town - remains, trases and experience of tracing reconstruction

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Since foundation of gunpowder plant (named after Y.M.Sverdlov) in 1916, it had railway connection to main Moscow-Nizhny Novgorod line, and it passed through wastelands and forests western Rastyapino station. Years after, when town of Dzerzhinsk was established and began to grow in all directions, especially, to the west, this line remained till the early 1970s. 5-floor appartment buildings (known as "Khruschevki") surrounded it. In 1973, when western railway detour was built, freight traffic was switched to that new track, and line through town was demolished. It's trace was occupied by other planned houses. Few obvious remains are located in some places - mound from main railway station through Pervomaysky forest (partially barbarously cut down), to Tereshkova's and Gaydar streets crossing. Also, mound remained on Patolichev street, near firefighters depot.

Part of that old line remains today, and it was in work till about 2008. It served for warehouses on Sukharenko street.

And for me it was very interesting - where exactly that line was in the town? What wasit's original tracing?

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